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  • Team MBNC introduced a new stepping stone into our success story "The Journal of health informatics". The Journal of health informatics is an exclusive journal which is specific in latest informatics related to health sector publishing by Maniba Bhula Nursing College. Moreover adding one more golden feather to the wings of MBNC. We extend our profound gratitude to Uka Tarsadia University for the enormous support and guidance for our new venture.
  • New National Conference On Palliative Nursing Care – Enhancing Quality of Life at End Stage

Maniba Bhula Nursing College is located in outskirts of Bardoli at GopalVidhyanagar. The approach is on the Bardoli-Mahuva Road, 6 km from Bardoli. It is housed in an integrated educational complex of the GopalVidhyanagar, approachable both by public and private transport. Maniba Bhula nursing college is the constituent nursing educational institute of UkaTarsadia University and recognized by Indian Nursing Council,New Delhi, as well as Gujarat Nursing Council duly permitted by Govt. of Gujarat for its purpose of Nursing education since 2008.

Maniba Bhula Nursing College strives to impart quality nursing education to students from India and abroad and in turn provide the society with improved quality of health care. The health needs of India range from basic needs of food, water, sanitation and shelter to the latest and sophisticated medical & nursing care at intermediate and tertiary level hospitals. Nurses are needed at each level of health care and universal nursing education program or training equips a nurse to shoulder the responsibilities effectively. In turn, the community's health needs are helped to be met.

A graduate nurse qualified as B.Sc (N) at Maniba Bhula Nursing College, who has been prepared as a professional nurse through University affiliated nursing education programme & recognized by Indian Nursing Council, will work independently in the hospital & community as a member of healthcare system. In addition to meet the changing health and nursing demands of the country, the college in its modest way would help to meet the tremendous nursing shortage in the country. The level of education, the depth of curriculum, and the exceptional practical experience at Maniba Bhula Nursing College would add to the standard of healthcare wherever a Maniba Bhula Nursing graduate would practice.


Maniba Bhula Nursing College will assume responsibilities to prepare a professionally competent nurse and midwife at basic level in providing promotive, preventive, restorative services, where nurses will be capable of making independent decisions to prepare & protect the right of clients, to facilitate individuals & groups in pursuit of their health and to function in the hospital and in the community by performing role as teacher, manager, supervisor and researchers.


Maintain the institution as a 'Center of Excellence' in nursing education through continuous development and prepare expert nursing professionals to serve in the field of Nursing Service, Education and Administration and to practice evidence based nursing.


Prepare innovative, expert and compassionate nursing professionals for serving humanity through standard and quality nursing education.



Maniba Bhula Nursing College believes to be the source of enlightenment in the field of Nursing Education. To keep up with the changing health and Nursing demands of the country, Maniba Bhula Nursing College is doing its part to help to meet the tremendous nursing shortage in the country. The level of education, the depth of curriculum and the exceptional practical experience at Maniba Bhula Nursing College will add to the standard of health care across the industry through our well equipped nursing graduates.


Shri Bhulabhai Vanmalibhai Patel, fondly called "Bhuladada" is a legendary figure and a source of inspiration for the Institution. He is a committed disciple of Shrimad Rajchandra and is known for his discipline, righteousness and contributions to the society. He wishes to inculcate and imbibe the crux of teaching of Shrimad in the heart and mind of youth of the Country. We are honoured to share a few facts about our mentor.